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Bbwchan Site Review

Fat-assed chicks are the sort of sweet things that a site like BBW-Chan concentrates on. We are broaching huge as well as stunning girls that have extremely charitable love manages and whose booties agitate with a promise whenever they relocate. Yes, they are all at BBW-Chan and are surely up to no good!

In case you were asking yourself if a fat booty has your name on it, you would certainly do finest to keep reading and also see if you can identify one on BBW-Chan. nl!

Booty Power Never Fades!

Well, the website layout on the BBW-Chan homepage is a great one. Pretty and also wonderful that is.

A relaxing infant with massive butt, stomach, and boobs, plus a cute face is envisioned on the leading component of the page. We are not actually into BBW chicks, yet this woman has the kind of appearance that makes us intend to take off our cabinets and reveal her some hard truths about life as well as the cumming motion!

It is really feasible to transform just how the homepage looks. The default setting is light and also reveals a background that is light blue in shade, however clicking the Dark button atop the homepage makes virtually the whole display dark.

The leading left of the web page has tabs like Boards, Crazy, Aid and also Watched Threads. The Assistance tab is a sort of frequently asked question, while the Overboard tab guides folks to a board where pictures and GIFs of BBW chicks are uploaded and also their identities determined.

The Boards tab is where all the activity is however. Yet we will certainly hold forth on that particular in a bit.

Bear in mind the thicc chick on the homepage we were going crazy about? Well, beneath her picture are some latest posts and popular boards. Near the base of the page are call web links, archives, policies and also more as well as inspecting this out would be advised for anybody that plans to stick about and canyon himself/herself on what BBW-Chan is supplying.

Boarding The Tab In BBW Style!

Yes, the Boards tab has enough action to make a solider get shell shock! There seem around 10 boards and also one of the most energetic of this is the Booty board. This has greater than 21 thousand posts, all of which have to do with booties, butt cheeks and so on.

The next off busiest is the Tits board. We don't require to tell you what they review there, do we?

There's likewise a General Discussion board, a Sensual Literary works board, a board that concentrates on hairy animals, as well as one that concentrates on deviant art. One board specifically promptly became our favorite. This was the BBW Real board showcasing actual photos of actual, BBW chicks, protuberances as well as all.

We practically failed to remember to state this, however site enrollment is not needed prior to anybody can upload. Members are all anonymous as well as all that is needed to end up being a member is to fill a form. A really brief one incidentally.

Well, below her photo are some latest blog posts and also preferred boards. Yes, the Boards tab has sufficient action to make a solider obtain shell shock! There appear to be around 10 boards as well as the most energetic of this is the Booty board. There's also a General Conversation board, a Sensual Literature board, a board that concentrates on furry pests, and one that focuses on deviant art. One board in specific quickly became our favorite.

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