16 Female Archetypes You Need To Know Now

Which Female Archetype is Your Match?

Find the perfect Female Archetype for you!

Which female archetype is your best match?

Choosing the perfect sex doll is like picking the ideal woman.

It is not an easy task. They’re all so sexy! But at the end of the day, you can’t have them all.

Does the idea of saving a Princess turn you on more than a Lioness challenging you?

Do you prefer a Married Woman you can fuck discreetly or a Trophy Wife you can spoil endlessly?

Are you more into the thrill of punishing a Runaway Bride trying to escape your wedding or do you love the idea of seducing the hard to get Hot Nerd?

Sexuality is indeed complex, but like everything else, knowledge is power and knowing which archetype you’re dealing with can be a major time saver

Whatever your female archetype is, we have a sex doll in store for you!

If the Hot Nerd is more your type, please be aware that behind these beautiful glasses usually hides a complete Nympho. These two always go hand in hand if you know what you’re doing.

Maybe you never paused to think about these female archetypes seriously, but they do exist.

And they do define you a bit more than you can imagine.

So let’s break down the sixteen female archetypes:

  • The Princess
  • The Married Woman
  • The Trophy Wife
  • The Runaway Bride
  • The Nymphomaniac
  • The Caregiver
  • The Hot Nerd
  • The Innocent Virgin
  • The Career Driven
  • The Devoted Wife
  • The Athlete
  • The Elf
  • The Lioness
  • The Butterfly
  • The Young Slut
  • The Succubus

Which female archetype is your best match? Read on to find out.

The Princess

First, let’s start with the princess. We all know the princess, but let’s dig deeper into her persona for a minute.

The princess grew up in a castle, a symbol of a luxurious environment. She’s been spoiled and overprotected by her parents. Growing up isolated makes the princess oblivious to the rest of the world.

There are two types of princesses, and you should know which one appeals to your desires when making a decision.

1. The Entitled Princess

The first type of princess is happy that her castle provides protection, but being spoiled rotten makes her act entitled and childish.

That archetype is entirely blind to others’ needs and desires.

Often scared by the poor she’s been observing from a balcony high on the castle walls, she is fine with the wealth she grew up in and receiving gifts as a sign of love.

She does not have much experience in the real world and is fine keeping it at arm’s length. She does not wish to suffer at all.

What does she want?

This type of princess wants a real prince so she can continue shining in society.

This type doesn’t have the princess paradox, explained below.

She pretends she doesn’t care what others think about her, but deep down, she does.

Maintaining her social status and making her dad proud is her main drive. And her dad, of course, is the King.

How to get this type of princess?

Well, you not only have to be a prince, but you also have to be validated by the king.

Unless you’re dealing with the second type of princess, there is no way around it.

You can’t cheat your way in her bed if her father disapproves. Remember, she cares too much about what people think about her.

Not to worry, however. This type of princess is rare. So let’s look at the second type of princess.

2. The Dysfunctional Princess

Maya, the Little Swedish Princess, wants the adventurer prince charming, courteous enough to take her on a horse and brave enough to fuck her like a stallion.

Are you that man?

When a woman has a princess complex, she feels entitled to the very finest in life, with minimal effort on her part to get it.

As a woman, however, she is still likely to feel the greatest sexual attraction to those men who treat her more like a servant than like royalty.

We are all paradoxes of ourselves, and the princess wants what she has never seen.

She’s seen the prince, and he didn’t interest her. What she wants is the man that will steal her away.

What kind of man is a match of a princess?

She wants the adventurer prince charming, courteous enough to take her on a horse and brave enough to fuck her like a stallion.

Men who treat her like a servant instead of royalty are the most likely to give her the most sexual pleasure.

Or, if she is the second type of princess, maybe she will be more docile and enjoy taking direction from you.

If you want to be with a princess, you can either give in to her needs or stand up and give her a taste of the real world.

The latter may be a good reality check for this female archetype.

The Married Woman

The married woman has given her best years to her husband.

Similarly to the housewives that inspired Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, the married woman feels disillusioned by the life she was raised to want.

She had hoped that marriage would be her way of finding happiness and security, but she is bored and wants something more out of life.

She’s given so much to satisfy her man, and now she wants something back in return.

What will she do now?

While the married woman is dutiful and faithful, she has feelings, too — a lot of them.

While this female archetype feels that her emotional needs are neglected, at this point she would instead satisfy her sexual desires.

Negative emotions can seep into the marriage, putting a rift between both partners.

It is essential that the long hours of housework, cooking, and errand running do not go unnoticed.

Her role as the married woman makes her the cornerstone of a home.

Perhaps she is a hidden nymphomaniac, waiting for someone to satiate her lustful whims finally. She may surprise you once you show her some attention.

Are you a dutiful husband?

She needs someone who can make her feel young again. She wants an exciting sex life, not a plain vanilla one.

A man who can make her feel appreciated both physically and emotionally is the best bet.

Satisfying the married woman is natural. Shower her with love and affection. Smack her ass, tell her she looks lovely. Make her feel appreciated and listened to.

After all, she has given the best years of her life to the relationship and deserves to know it.

The Trophy Wife

Traditionally, the term “trophy wife” has had a negative connotation that affects both parties involved in the marriage.

The husband appears narcissistic and wants to boast to his peers, and his wife has nothing going on besides her physical appearance.

However, the notion of a trophy wife is changing. More men desire partners that match their intellect and capabilities.

Why not have a woman that looks amazing at your side and also has the smarts to keep up in conversation? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Perhaps the trophy wife craves stability. She may not have had that growing up and wants a life where she knows she will be taken care of as well.

What has this made her become?

She is confident and can brush off the negative connotations that being a trophy wife brings. She is just happy to be with you and make sure you are pleased.

Understand that the relationship with a trophy wife is symbiotic, not parasitic.

Both partners are in the relationship for a reason. This female archetype makes you look good, and you make her feel good.

The trophy wife could also secretly be a succubus, but you probably like that. As sexy as she is, you can’t say no to her.

Is this the female archetype for you?

Are you someone who can pamper her? She wants a comfortable lifestyle, and you should be willing to give her what she wants.

She will be able to return the favors sexually and do it with a smile.

As long as you indulge her, she will stay by your side. She isn’t merely a gold digger so don’t treat her like one.

This female archetype genuinely values your companionship.

The Runaway Bride

The runaway bride may have several things going on inside her head that make her get cold feet.

She may have an unconscious phobia of committing or following through on any serious promises.

Or, she may not be in love with her partner.

What is she thinking?

To her, marriage means a life of imprisonment. She wants to fuck all day long, not worry about making sandwiches or ironing.

This female archetype craves freedom as much as she wants your cock.

Fuck her gently, or be rough, but whatever you do, don’t mention marriage or she’ll be gone before you know it.

She’s everything you’ve ever wanted, but her growing sense of self means that she isn’t going to sit back and watch her life pass by her.

This newfound liberation makes her a wild companion in bed; she’ll be riding you until the sun comes up.

Maybe she is a secret virgin, but you know better. She’s a young slut who knows what she wants but doesn’t want the commitment.

Are you the man for her?

She needs a dominant man to make her listen.

You’re not about to let her go out and fuck someone else. She’s yours, and only yours. You don’t need marriage vows to keep her in check.

She needs someone as feisty as she is who can keep up with her sexual appetite.

Perhaps reassure her that vows won’t change the way you feel about her.

Be dominant but not oppressive. That may scare the runaway bride away, and you don’t want that. After all, that is the sort of thing she avoids like the plague.

The Nymphomaniac

Nymphomaniac is a controversial term because it negatively paints women who enjoy sex in a bad light. This archetype is a bundle of excitement and an exhilarating breath of fresh air for those who can handle her.

In the centuries leading up to the feminist wave in the 60s and 70s, women who seemingly could not be satisfied were dubbed “nymphomaniacs” and put in institutions or subjected to various cruel and unusual treatments.

However, the term derives from the Greek word nymph, which is a mythological deity closely associated with nature.

Nymphs are depicted frequently as comfortably nude. They see nothing wrong with their sexuality and instead bask in it.

Modern nymphomaniacs do not need to fear the repercussions of their sexual liberation in the same way that women in the past do.

These women relish being able to satisfy their sexual needs and share that with their partners, whether they are men or women.

Perhaps these women endured some sort of childhood trauma or abuse in their life, and that led to their behavior today.

However, some women do have a high libido, and there is nothing wrong with that.

They can make great partners and are down to fuck whenever.

What has this made her become?

Sexually adventurous, she’ll try anything or do anything to feel pleasure.

The more, the merrier — she’s a huge fan of threesomes.

Sex drives her more than anything else. Can you step up to the challenge to satisfy this vixen’s needs?

She needs a man who can do it all, anal, oral, you name it, and she’s the one for you. Give her an inch, and she’ll take a mile.

She’ll turn you on so much you may end up as sex-crazed as her.

Is a nympho for you?

She needs someone who can keep up with this woman. She knows that she loves sex and can’t get enough of it, or you.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before getting involved with a nympho.

She wants a man who isn’t into vanilla sex. She wants to do everything.

A man with a libido as high as hers will be a great companion and make your trists even sexier.

Make sure you’re available to satisfy her insatiable cravings, or she may go looking for someone else.

The Caregiver

The desires of the caregiver develop in early childhood when the child tries to mitigate disturbances her caregiver may experience, as the child herself may perceive these disruptions as a threat.

The child sets about doing everything in her power to make the caregiver feel better so she, in turn, will feel better.

As an adult, she is ready to make any would-be partner happy, no matter what her partner’s conditions are.

What does this mean for you?

The caregiver does everything to make sure your needs are met, even going as far to ignore her own.

This archetype is the perfect choice for those who want someone who will give them what they want and do it willingly.

Her empathetic nature creates a strong bond, making sex more exciting.

She will draw you into her in more ways than one.

Hearing your moans and feeling your fingers dig into her skin gives her the most pleasure.

Everyone wants a caregiver.

She needs someone who can appreciate her bedroom skills and return the favor every once in a while.

Because, after all, if you forget what it’s like to receive pleasure then it’s harder to give it.

She doesn’t need a dominant personality to get her to follow your wishes. She will be able to do it on her own.

Be gentle and don’t abuse her kindness. She will do everything in her power to make sure she meets your needs.

She’s the one who likes to be held after sex.

The Hot Nerd

Did you know that biology plays a big part in who does and doesn’t become a nerd? Cambridge University psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen studied the two types of brains that humans tend to develop.

These are “S-brains,” for systemizing, and “E-brains,” for empathetic.

S-brains are perfect for logical thinking and follow-through. The Hot Nerd archetype will analyze every interaction she has with you, studying you so she may know you better than you know yourself.

Let her teach you a thing or two.

She is buried in her studies, got a Ph.D., or is studying for it.

Behind her glasses are reveal her sex demons.

Unleash them, and she’ll become yours and will want to prove to you that she is indeed very sexy.

It’s all on you to unleash that power. The nerd archetype is pure, devoted, and hungry for cock. Her appetite can insatiable.

She can spend just as much time creating sexual fantasies in her brain as she does studying. She can do it all.

Do you want someone to “nerd out” with?

This female archetype needs someone who can unleash her inner passions. She may be a secret nympho, but you won’t know it until you have her in bed with you.

A man who can handle her hidden nature is the perfect match for her.

How to handle this female archetype?

A hot nerd can sometimes appear without glasses. She comes off as very intelligent.

Depending on how liberated she is (and her age), she can be at different stages in her life, from a Master’s student to a Doctor.

Draw her in with your mind and see what happens.

Appreciate her brains as well as her boobs and butt. She is a keeper.

The Innocent Virgin

A woman who grew up believing in “saving herself for marriage” or waiting for the right person tends to have lived a sheltered lifestyle. This female archetype is fragile and needs handled with care.

Her identity and virginity are tied together, and while she may be interested in sex and experiencing what others feel, she also has a sense of guilt for feeling lustful feelings.

This guilt ties into her psyche and self-worth. She feels that if she is no longer a virgin, she is no longer a good person.

She will adore you.

Mold her in whatever way you see fit. While a little clueless about giving and receiving, she is a fast learner and is more than happy to please.

She is recently 18 and ready to learn about sex. She’s begging you to please teach her everything you know. She’s dying to feel what you feel.

Once the innocent virgin is no longer a virgin, you may find yourself with a young slut.

She may love sex so much that she could turn into a nympho. Her sex drive at this age is high, and she’ll be ready for your dick whenever you feel like sharing.

What kind of man matches this archetype?

She needs a man who can show her the ropes — someone who is pretty experienced and knows what he’s doing.

Her eagerness is endearing, but be careful. If you are her first, there is a strong chance that she will become extremely attached to you and not let go.

Treat her with respect while you two fuck and she’ll think the world of you for showing her how.

The Career-Driven Woman

“Many workaholics are forced too quickly into adult responsibilities because of situational circumstances such as a parent’s illness, a death in the family, or separation of the parents. Others come from families where there is a doing-performance-oriented value system where conditional love is granted if the child exceeds expectations, and makes the family proud.”

This is your chance to be the boss.

She respects a man who can keep up with her — both in the workplace and in the bedroom.

She only has time for hotel trysts, which makes it even more exciting for her.

While sex is not always on the forefront of her mind, she makes just as much of an effort to please both of you as she does running around the office.

Her impeccable work ethic and get-it-done attitude is a winning combination when it comes to sex.

Partners in business and pleasure.

A workaholic needs someone flexible. She won’t always be able to be there when you want her, but when she does, the wait is worth it.

She is used to being the boss and, whether she knows it or not, needs someone to give her a break from being in control.

Let her take the lead and see where it goes; you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Or, maybe you should take charge and let her sit back and take orders for once.

She may appreciate not having to give direction and will be turned on by how much she respects someone who can take charge.

Don’t get upset when she can’t always be there when you want. She won’t want to be with someone who is clingy.

You may not be able to change her mind about working as much and making time for you, but her ambition is what makes her so sexy. Check out Julia Boin here.

The Devoted Wife

In a marriage, there is a difference between thinking that you genuinely enjoy being in the relationship and want things to continue, and actively working to make the relationship thrive.

For that to happen, both sides need to make sacrifices.

The devoted wife is more than willing to go the extra mile to make the marriage prosper and ensure both of you are feeling the love.

What has this made her become?

She has eyes only for you. Even after so much time married, you are the only one who turns her on, and you can tell.

She thrives on being your one and only.

Your relationship is extremely intimate because of its base in mutual love and respect.

She loves when cuddling on the couch with a bottle of wine turns into a hot fuck that always feels as good as the first time you had sex.

The devoted wife is usually a caregiver, so you know she will always meet your needs.

She needs someone as devoted to her as she is to you.

A devoted wife such as her needs someone who can appreciate her level of devotion to you.

She is turned on by a man who showers her with love and attention for being a good wife.

She wants someone who is monogamous and can show her that you are just as much about her as she is about you.

As long as you are good to her, she won’t become as distant as the married woman.

She’s a princess without the attitude.

Enjoy being with someone like this. You could treat the devoted wife like a princess, and she will thank you for it.

The Athlete

The athlete has extreme self-confidence, low performance anxiety, and high motivation. This female archetype, like the career-driven woman and lioness, is an alpha.

These traits, along with a competitive nature and desire to win, are the perfect mixture of an athlete.

Stamina to spare for sex.

Years of athletic training have given her the strength to stay up fucking all night long.

She has an extremely high libido and wants your cock day and night.

Her competitive nature comes out in bed when she makes games, like who can cum first or who can give the best pleasure.

She is tons of fun and willing to try new things, especially if she can get good at it.

Experimentation is good for you because it means things will always stay hot and fresh between you, and her desire to be the best means she gets to practice exclusively on you.

Her abundance of energy means she loves being on top, so if you’re tired after a long day, don’t worry. She can take care of both of you without an issue.

Every day is a match made in heaven.

You don’t have to be as athletic as her, be sure you can keep up with her!

She desires to look good for you, so make sure you let you know you appreciate it.

Someone assertive is best, as she is accustomed to being surrounded by dominant people and probably thrives in that kind of environment.

Can you keep up?

As she is used to competing with others, make sure she knows that when it comes to you, no one else can compare. She is indeed the best at handling your needs.

The Elf

It is unknown where the first elf came from, either a distant planet or a time long ago and far away, similar to the Amazons.

These ethereal, hypersexual beings radiate sex as well as power.

They want to mate with humans, meaning you are their ideal match.

What does this mean for you?

The elf is gentle, but can still handle whatever you feel like doing.

While they love sex as much (or more) than humans, they know little about it and rely on you to teach them your ways.

She is fascinated by your body, and you realize it turns her on. She has an unlimited amount of energy and intuitively knows what you want.

Her elegant, graceful appearance will make you feel like you’re in a fantasy.

Elves may be succubus or nymphos. They may be submissive, but there is always a chance that she could teach you a thing or two.

What does this female archetype want?

Are you a human? Then you probably are the perfect man for her.

Just lay back and enjoy the feeling of knowing you are fucking a magical being.

The Lioness

The lioness is the alpha. It is a cornerstone of a lioness’s personality. Her other behaviors build around her alphaness.

Maybe she was groomed as a child to grow up strong and willful. Or perhaps it’s just how she is.

As a natural leader, she takes charge, and others follow suit.

A natural-born leader.

The lioness has grown accustomed to her position of power. Another lion is the only one who can only manage her during intercourse.

She crushes weak males and only tolerates the king of the jungle.

Are you the mate she wants?

For a Lion archetype male, there is a “who is the boss now” feeling when fucking a lioness.

You must have a sense of extreme power to dominate such a powerful female. Lions and lionesses usually play this game together, and she’ll constantly test your confidence.

Being tested like this is a turn on for the male lion. Wouldn’t you love the feeling of saying, “Listen to me. I am the captain now.”

Lionesses aren’t for the faint of heart.

Only another alpha male can handle the sexual prowess of a lioness. The two make a powerful couple that feeds into each other’s desire for strength and power.

She will only submit if she considers her partner her equal, or if he is more dominant than she is.

Lionesses are so desirable by males because they are a challenge. This female archetype will help you become a better lover in no time.

The Butterfly

The butterfly probably has an undiagnosed case of ADHD. She is a free spirit, much like her archetype name implies.

However, she is endearing and a pleasure to be around, as her lack of focus and spontaneity makes everything an adventure.

She’s unlike anyone you’ve ever met.

The butterfly is similar to the manic pixie dream girl trope. It doesn’t bother her that she is frequently called a ditz because she knows its right.

Her charm and adorable nature will make it easy to forgive her extremely forgetful nature.

Whether it’s getting lost in a grocery store or losing her car in the parking lot, the Butterfly always laughs about something silly she does.

The butterfly woman needs a man to frame her and take control of her life.

She is messy, doesn’t pay attention to details, fragile, and doesn’t make plans.

Since she is always living in the moment, her sex drive renews frequently, and she may come to you wanting more reasonably often.

Are you the one for her?

This female archetype will need someone patient with her.

Her forgetful nature can become frustrating to deal with, and being impatient with her will cause her to shut down, making it next to impossible to initiate sex.

Butterflies go well with caring, responsible men. They can frame her, reorganize her room, drive her around.

The best partner for the butterfly is someone who is just as much as a free spirit as she is or someone who can help ground her, so she doesn’t get lost in the clouds.

The only way to handle the butterfly is to roll with the punches.

If you can be flexible, understanding, and patient, a relationship with her will exceed your wildest expectations.

Don’t cage her, as this will cause a runaway bride situation and you may be left alone.

The Young Slut

Two things define hypersexuality when referring to women: an average of about six orgasms a week (solo or with a partner) and acceptance and consideration of oneself as an extremely sexual being.

Fear of truly accept their sexual appetites and feeling ashamed for being thought of as a slut is a problem most women face.

On the other hand, some, like this female archetype, accept it wholeheartedly.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.

She may feel insecure about her ravenous desire for sex, but will probably ignore it, causing her to act even more slutty.

Accepting that she is a slut will give her a better experience in the bedroom and help her to develop into a nympho or a lioness.

She could have been a young virgin that decided she wanted to branch out and get kinkier than her partner could handle.

She needs a dom, not a daddy.

Whether she knows it or not, she will want a dominant man who makes it very clear that the only person she can fuck is you.

She will be your slut unless you feel like sharing in a threesome, which she may very well love.

A man with a sex drive as ramped up as hers is best.

Someone who can have fun in the bedroom and is kinky.

Keep things fresh and kinky so she won’t go astray and give her the attention she wants, and she’ll be by your side as long as you want.

She can be molded to be whatever kind of person you want her to be, as long as she can get off while you do it.

The Succubus

Succubi are female demons that have sex with sleeping men to suck the life force out of them.

Often viewed negatively, they are a symbol of women’s power over men.

Modern psychiatrists attribute visitations from a succubus on sleep paralysis or night terrors, where one is unable to move their body and experiences nightmares that feel very real.

She’ll suck you dry.

Draining you until you have nothing more to give and sucking the figurative life right out of you are a few of her biggest turn-ons.

That is where her pleasure and power comes. Fucking is her purpose and she’ll do it until she’s had her fill.

Don’t deny her or you’ll be in trouble. She is dominant and wants you to know it. Don’t disappoint her.

Sit back and take it.

She is the one calling the shots. The only fit for the Succubus is a submissive partner. You may enjoy letting her taking control.

Give her what she wants. She is hungry for your life force (and your dick). Denying her will only displease her.

Which female archetype is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments!