Become A Webcam Model
If you get lucky, you may get a few steady customers that will visit your cam show a few times a week. Paying good money every time. You will get connected with them and treat them like good (but distant) sugar daddies, that drop lots of cash on their little princess.

The lending rates for a private show that customers pay are usually around a few dollars per MINUTE of the show. From those few dollars per minute, you have to deduct around 40-60%, as those will be the costs of the cam network. Many cam networks also allow any cam girl to chose her rates. That way you select how much you want to get paid for your webcam shows.

Your daily or monthly earnings will also depend on your sex appeal, your luck, and your marketing skills. Cam girls that for the first weeks or months make almost nothing. Some cam girls make a few hundred dollars per month and treat it as a small side job. There are cam queens that make up to one thousand dollars PER DAY. After the first few weeks or months, you will see for yourself what is your potential.

Most of the cam networks that I know of, usually do pay by few methods. It’s either by bank wire transfer, First Choice Pay system (former Payoneer), or by check. All of these payment methods are completely safe and the money always arrives.

5. Tips for making even more money as a webcam model
• Be sexy, be charming, dress well. You know best what to do, to make all the men want you.
• WORK. Sometimes it’s not enough to just appear on the cam network without doing anything. Even if the said network uses its powerful marketing resources, it won’t hurt if you will start to promote yourself on your own. Record your cam shows and upload them to various tube sites.

Write blog comments and articles. Be active on Facebook (of course it doesn’t have to be your real name, you may use some alias), Instagram, and other social networks.

Use many social networks, groups and invite some guys to your private cam shows. Do it wisely, to avoid any possible bans on particular social networks (be careful especially with Facebook).

• Have fun! Everybody loves to see smiling webcam models that love what they do. This can be your biggest magnet for all your customers, so be natural, be nice, be a fun girl to be with!

And last but not least – enjoy all the money that you will earn thanks to one of the easiest jobs in the