So you’re thinking of joining a site – the content has caught your eye, you just HAVE to know what is in that member area. Here are some suggestions before you join:

Previews: Before you just go and hit “join” because you’ve seen a thumbnail picture that you’re dying to see larger, check out the preview. If there is a video offered at the site, look for preview clips to make sure the format the video is offered in will work on your system. If it’s a webcam site, check to see if there is a schedule posted as to when there will be someone on cam. Is there a guest cam to check out? Take a peek and see if there is anything on more interesting than someone’s plaid couch. When it’s a picture site you’re thinking of joining, see if there is an update page that will give you an idea of how often new material goes up, as well as how long they’ve been around. It’s a rare site that keeps going month after month these days. For amateur sites, see if you get extras, such as a webcam network that they participate in.

Terms and Conditions: Read them before you join. Sure, it’s tempting to just click the little “I accept” button and get on with things, but depending on the company, they can be a little surprising. While the adult web has certainly improved, it’s had a history peppered with things like the infamous “XPics” terms and conditions, which UPGRADED users to a more expensive membership when they attempted to cancel. Most of these are pretty standard now, but make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Is it recurring every month? Is it one time only? Almost ALL short-term trials (3 days, one week) end up turning into monthly billing at the end.

Contact Info: Make sure before you join that you look for the following: 1. The name that will appear on your bill. 2. A link to a cancellation form. 3. Some form of contact. While you won’t likely find phone numbers to individual sites, you should be able to find customer service email addresses on the outside of the site.

3rd party billing: Look for sites run by reputable 3rd party billing companies. These companies generally make it painless to cancel a subscription, as they have a stake in providing good service. CCBill and iBill are the largest processors of adult subscriptions online these days, and they are both easy to cancel as well as easy to contact by telephone if you have a problem.

Dealing with the Unknown: If there is a site you’re dying to join, but you’ve never heard of the billing company before, take some precautions. Make sure you write down your subscription info, the site you joined, the date, keep a copy of the email receipt. These things will all help should you run into a problem later.