Health and Safety for Escorts

When meeting an escort, there is no requirement to have sex. However, because this is something which often happens, personal safety is very important. Escorts are usually very conscious of safe sex methods and take great care to use condoms properly. Because of this, ensuring that women work with reputable escort agencies such contactbrides can help to ensure that vulnerable women are protected from harm, and clients are protected from risk.

If you have an escort who agrees to have sex without a condom, avoid at them at all costs. An escort who is prepared to engage in unsafe sex is putting you both at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, infections or an unwanted pregnancy.

However, when considering health and safety for escorts, there is much more to think about than simply using condoms. Ensuring that both the escort and client are clean, tidy and free from disease is very important.

Before French Kissing an Escort

Kissing is an important part of the girlfriend experience (GFE), which is an intimate service offered by a lot of escorts. French kissing is a sensual act, but in the interest of escort health and safety, it is worth mentioning that even this basic intimacy isn’t without risks.

Avoid kissing if the escort or client have evidence of the herpes virus or cold sores as they are sometimes known. Also, pimples around the mouth area can be off-putting for an escort who may prefer to avoid the risk of transmitting bacteria.

Always make sure that your teeth are clean and you are free from any contagious illnesses.

Before having sex with an escort

Although it is rarely discussed sex is often one of the main reasons that people use an escort service, it is always preferable for both the client and the escort to discuss protection before having sex. For instance, if either party has an allergy to certain types of condoms such as latex, arrangements can be made for alternative forms of contraception and barrier methods to be made available.

Before a client and escort have sex, it is very important to ensure that any jewellery is removed and both parties are clean and washed. Most escorts are shaven, but it is important to check for pubic lice and cover any rashes or piercings with a dressing.

When considering health and safety for escorts, it is important that any items of clothing with sharp edges are removed as these can injure the escort or tear condoms.

Protecting yourself during sexual activity with an escort

Oral Sex- With some infections more easily spread through oral sex than conventional sex. It is very important to use adequate protection when having oral sex with an escort. Because a lot of sexual infections have very few symptoms, you may not know that you have anything. That’s why using a condom or a dam EVERY SINGLE TIME you have oral sex is very important to protect the health and safety of escorts.

The virus or bacteria which causes infections can be passed on in any infected body fluids such as pre-cum, semen, blood or vaginal secretions. If any of these body fluids come into contact with sores, cuts, ulcers, cells of the throat or genitals and eye membranes. Infection such as herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis can be passed between parties.

When engaging in anal rimming, which involves licking or touching a partner’s anus. Despite a clean appearance, Hepatitis A is a bacterium which lives in the gut and is passed on through the ingestion of infected faeces (or poo). Again, using a dam to cover the anus still gives the same great pleasure but protects both parties against disease.

Vaginal Sex – Always make sure that you wear a condom during any sexual activity with an escort. This helps to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Avoid any escort who agrees to have sex without a condom as this puts you both at risk of harm.

Anal Sex– Again, it is very important to ensure that you wear a condom during anal sex to help protect against sexually transmitted diseases. To prevent tears and injury to the delicate skin in the anus and rectum, always use a thick lubricant which is condom friendly and kind to sensitive skin. Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating so always ensure that you have plenty of lubricants close to hand for extra comfort.

Using sex toys with escorts – health and safety for escorts even goes as far as considering sex toys. Bodily fluids can be absorbed into some kinds of sex toys and there is always a concern that items used are unclean. It is important to ensure that sex toys are washed before and after use with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and never shared between partners.

When using sex toys cover them with a condom to prevent the spread of infection and always change the condom when switching between orifices to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Regular Sexual Health Screening

All escorts should be regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Not only does this protect the health of the escort but it protects the client too. Sexual health clinics like the GUM clinic are on hand to offer advice about contraception, condoms and to support those at risk of infection. Be truthful and tell them that you work as an escort or visit escorts. You won’t be judged, these people are here to help.

Where can I find my local GUM or sex screening clinic?

More information about health and safety for escorts, safe sex and free sexual health screening can be found at the NHS Choices website.

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