Here’s Why Everyone Loves to Masturbate Together


Although the act of self-pleasure is known to be a solo activity, there are many benefits to masturbating with your significant other or just a stranger on the internet. Masturbation is a fantastic solo activity; it is one of the go-to self-care tips. For many, masturbation is still something they prefer to do alone, but that is just because you have not tried to have mutual masturbation with a beautiful woman or a handsome hunk

It’s intimate and fun

Masturbation is an intimate activity in general, but masturbating together with somebody brings you to a whole new high. Did you know that mutual masturbation is even more intimate than sex? Mutual masturbation suggests the same vulnerability as intercourse, but you are also sharing your private masturbation routine, making you a lot more vulnerable. Not to mention that pleasuring yourself in front of somebody can be quite a challenge when you are out on display.

Since vulnerability and intimacy are linked, you cannot enjoy one without the other. Mutual masturbation can leave you vulnerable, but it can also make you experience an orgasm like no other, as you connect with the beauty you are masturbating together with. You should definitely try mutual masturbation if you have not yet.

Finding a partner is a piece of cake

You do not necessarily have to know the person you are masturbating with; that is the beauty of it. As long as both of you are on the same page, you can enjoy mutual masturbation. Today, many cam girls are offering these privileges to higher-paying viewers. As you already know, cam girls enjoy performing live. They tend to be very open-minded, ready to undress and masturbate online, for everyone to see.

Well, you are able to invite these cam girls to a private cam session. In these sessions, the gorgeous babes will do all kinds of naughty things just for you. Some of them are open to mutual masturbation, which is when the real fun begins. This means that you are able to simply turn on your camera and watch your favorite cam girl pleasure herself while you do the same.

So, you see, you do not necessarily have to have a partner to enjoy mutual masturbation. All you need is a willing second party, and you are good to go. Of course, masturbating with a complete stranger online or your girlfriend is not really the same thing. Some people find it a lot more pleasurable to masturbate with a stranger than with their lovers, while other people prefer vice-versa. This all really depends on your personal preference.

Fun things you can try

Mutual masturbation is not all about watching each other while you masturbate. Masturbating together can be a lot more than that, from fulfilling your kinky fantasies to bringing in some role-play and toys. Again, this all really depends on what you are personally into. If you enjoy role-playing, this is the right time to bring out the big guns. Set the scenario before the two of you masturbate together. Maybe both of you can take on different roles as you pleasure yourselves.

You can also use a variety of toys! One of the most popular scenarios is to listen to your lover as you masturbate. One of you can be in charge while both of you are masturbating. This means that you can narrate how the beauty should pleasure herself while you are stroking your stuff… or you can ask her to give your JOI while you watch her please herself. However, these JOIs are going to be a lot more addictive since you get to watch everything happen right in front of you.

Becoming more comfortable with yourself

While mutual masturbation can be incredibly hot and fun, that is not the only benefit to it. Masturbating together has proved to help people become a lot more confident in themselves and talking about sex. So if you are not that confident or you have trouble communicating what you like to your partner, mutual masturbation can surely help.

Putting yourself in such a vulnerable position and showing somebody what you prefer to do to yourself will open many doors for the future. If you are in a relationship, pay attention to how your partner enjoys being touched, what turns them on, and what makes them cum. This can help you learn more about their personal likes, thus making you a lot more skilled when the two of you decide to have sex. Mutual masturbation is a form of sexual communication, so take advantage of that.

Masturbating together can be exceptionally useful if you are not able to finish your partner off. Experimenting in the bedroom and trying new things can help you find something new that turns you on. Of course, mutual masturbation is not only for couples. Even if you choose to masturbate with a lovely cam girl, you can still learn more about yourself, what makes you feel good, and what makes you reach an orgasm. It can be quite fun!

How to masturbate together with webcam girls

In case you do not have a partner, but you would like to enjoy masturbating together with one of your favorite cam girls, you are in luck. Many live cam girls offer the option of mutual masturbation. Watching live cam shows can be quite fun, but it can also become a bit repetitive. This is why many beautiful cam girls will offer mutual masturbation as one of the perks for taking them into a private cam show.

All you have to do is find a beauty who is offering mutual masturbation as one of her acts. Then invite that gorgeous babe to a private cam session, turn on your camera and have some fun. Of course, you can set some rules before the mutual masturbation starts, you can be your own porn narrator, or you can just wing it. It is your choice!