How to React on Your First Date with Your Online Hookup

How to React on Your First Date with Your Online Hookup

Congratulations, you’ve passed many tests, and now it’s time for the live meeting. You think you should be happy because you’ve reached that level, and well, it’s okay to be excited about it because you are about to reach the third base in no time. Your job is now even harder than before. No matter how cool you’re online, your real version differs in many aspects. We all do, actually. Many things to keep in mind and many other things to avoid.

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Be yourself

The original man who doesn’t pretend and doesn’t do weird things to convince a girl is always attractive. How to be yourself? Don’t think so much before doing or saying something. Unless these things aren’t appropriate to be said or done. Talk and act like you react when you’re on a traditional date. It’s not different at all. Do you know, maybe it’s different. Well, it’s but in a good way. Because you know many things about that girl, you two have made some memories and talked about different subjects that you can discuss again. Feel free and be yourself.

Don’t raise your hope

Okay, we’re not going to spend the whole article talking about things you should and shouldn’t do with the girl. We feel for you too. The problem with online adult dating is that pictures might be tricky. Maybe your girl is using a filter when taking photos, and perhaps she edits them to make herself look better. Some of us do, unfortunately. So, don’t expect that you’re going to meet a girl that looks exactly like the pictures. Most of us are better in reality than in pictures, but you have to keep this point in mind to avoid disappointments because we know you guys care about looks a lot.

Dress properly

Don’t think you should wear something weird or different from your everyday style. Just wear something tidy and stylish with your personal touch, and the most important thing is to wear something comfortable. You don’t want to end up like Ross in “Friends” when he was stuck in his skinny leather pants! We think a bit of perfume would be great if your date is a night meeting. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed because women care for these details that you don’t take notice of.

Keep it public

You can never invite an online match to your place from the first date. Go to a café, restaurant, or park. There’re many options to choose from, but please don’t make your place one of them. We know you are looking forward to getting to the private meeting.

Don’t be late

First evidence of your irresponsibility is to arrive late to the date. That’s what we do, and we start to form an impression from the very first minute. Make sure to get out of your house a long time before the date to guarantee that you’ll be there on time regardless of what surprises you might face.

Ask questions

You have more and more inquiries and question marks in your head now than in the online chat. Questions are important for you to get to know the girl. Ultimately, you’ll be able to spot the lie if she were bluffing about something as well.

Don’t split the bill

Well, this issue is controversial. Not all men and women welcome this suggestion depending on where they’re and their opinion. But from our point of view, you should propose to pay the bill. Don’t insist so much if your date becomes angry. Back off and welcome her suggestion of splitting the bill up happily. The suggestion itself would be a bonus point for you.

Offer her a ride

If you have your car or you don’t, it’s fine either way. Just don’t dump her the minute your date ends and run away so quickly. Ask her where her house is, and tell her that you’ll be happy to drive her home. Even if you don’t have a car to go her or yourself anywhere, “let’s get you a taxi” would be a nice gesture from you, and it will be deeply appreciated. Who knows, she might invite you in at that moment.

Contact her immediately after the date

If things went great, If her pretty looks are real, if she’s even nicer than online, long story short, if you liked her, send her a message after the meeting ends. Tell her that you had a great time with her and that the date was excellent and joyful. Don’t exaggerate in the text, and keep it nice and short. This text will open the door for the casual relationship that got you on hookup websites in the first place.


Don’t worry if things go wrong, and it’s not the end of the world. Prepare yourself for that option and make sure you leave a good impression, an impression that reflects