It’s more than past time for an updated review of this site, which we first reviewed in 2018. Back then, Vamp and I absolutely loved it and I’m happy to say it’s only gotten better. The premise is female masturbation and orgasm filmed tastefully and artistically.

Now some people hear the words “tasteful” or “artistic” and immediately think it’s art that isn’t hot or explicit. That would be a false assumption here. They are putting out some of the most arousing content I’ve seen in my years of doing this. The emotion and energy is captured so perfectly, you can’t help but get into what is going on.

You’ll never find a bored looking pornstar here, or have to suspend disbelief. You’ll not want to fast forward to “the good parts”, because it’s all good. You can view freely several lower res versions of videos, and the high res is not only stunning, but actually works with AppleTV if you have it. (Elliott, when taking a look for this review, downloaded it to Apple and watched it on our big screen television.)

Definitely check out a couple of low-res sample videos to make sure you have the right software. Each woman has an individual profile, and right now there are over 1,500 videos AND daily updates. They also offer videos called “lucubration” which are insightful interview or conversation pieces with the women talking candidly about sex, orgasms, past experiences and so on.

The forums are quite active here as well, with viewer feedback. Unlike some sites we’ve seen, the well-moderated forums are not filled with idiotic fratboy comments, this site has brains and respect to go with it’s heat.

We did notice that several viewers were wishing there were some older women in scenes as well, but overall this is one of the absolute best sites we’ve seen, and we’ve seen plenty.