Ignore these 3 Latin dating advices

Ignore these 3 Latin dating advices

1When you are dating, you will experience a sudden flood of words of wisdom and advice regarding dating. Everyone will give their dating advice to you, ranging from your aunt to your mum. They will tell you what things you must say or how you must behave.

Although, they may think that they know everything about dating, they could in fact be harming your relationships and dating scene, rather than doing any good. Therefore, it is best to consider whatever they say and then do whatever it feels right to you. Have a look at these 3 Latin dating advices that you must definitely ignore.


Your friends would have advised you that you should not accept last minute invite to a date, because it indicates to the other person that you are easily available and easy to get. However, this is a wrong advice.

Rather, you should do what you feel is right. If you feel that you should accept the invitation and go on the date, then you should do the same. And, if you are busy somewhere or do not feel like going, then you should not go.

Just because your friend has advised you not to accept last minute date invites is not a good enough reason to cancel your date. After all, if you do not go, you can miss out on a potentially memorable date. Just go for it and do not over-analyze the situation.


Many parents or friends advise that you should not call your date until 72 hours have lapsed. However, this is a wrong advice that has no relevance now. Today, people do not wait for 3 days to contact their date, as evidenced by a survey carried out by LoveGeist that indicates that 78 per cent of men reach contact their date before 72 hours.

If you really enjoyed the date and are interested in the other person, then you should definitely call them up or text them telling the same that you enjoyed the date. If the other person also feels the same, that is, if they also enjoyed the date and are interested in you, then they will definitely reply to your message.


A lot of times people advice that you should not order a large meal, when you are on a date. They say that you should know how to behave and what to eat on a date. Nevertheless, you should not listen to their advice and order whatever you feel like eating.

Just like you should not disclose everything about yourself on your first date, similarly you must not act differently. You must be yourself. After all, your date should like you as you are and not the fake you.

Ignore these three Latin dating advices and see how much more successful your date goes. Accept last minute invites, text your date if you like the date, and order a big meal, if you want to.