Jackie Thruster ReviewNot long after I started watching porn, I discovered videos featuring fucking machines. I’d had an interest in them ever since but had never used one. I kind of figured they’d always be too expensive and maybe impractical, since I live in a small house. But then came along self-thrusting toys toys like Velvet Co.’s Jackie thruster. They’re essentially less expensive, handheld versions of fucking machines! As you can imagine, I was very excited to learn about these toys.

There are several thrusters available on the market now, but Velvet Co.’s were the first I’d seen and they still seem the most impressive to me. Velvet Co. currently offers four full-size models including the Jackie, which is the one I am reviewing. The Jackie has a very realistic appearance, aside from its lavender color — which is the only shade the full-size models come in (unfortunately; I like variety). There is also the semi-realistic Frankie, the “retro” Abbey with a ridged shaft, and the anal-friendly Walter with five graduating beads. Velvet also makes a shorter thruster that is essentially a compact version of the Jackie. The mini version is called Teddy and it’s available in 4 shades.

Jackie Thruster ReviewBoasting a speed of up to 140 strokes per minute, the Velvet thrusters are super powerful. They’re controlled using the three buttons located on the bottom of the handle. One is an on/off button, and the other two (- and +)  decrease and increase the speed. There are 10 speeds and the range is impressively broad. It starts off reasonably slow and gives you the opportunity to ease into quick, powerful thrusts, which is how I prefer to use it.

The shaft is firm silicone with some flexibility, allowing you to comfortably play around with different angles and positions. The whole toy, from the tip to the bottom of the handle, is 11 inches long. The insertable length is 6.5 inches, and it extends 3 inches when it thrusts. The shaft is 1.5 inches in diameter. The shape and ‘veiny’ texture of the Jackie thruster are quite stimulating, especially considering how firm it is. I found this pleasurable but for folks who are sensitive to texture, the smoother mini Teddy thruster might be a better option.

I find it a bit difficult (especially with my chronic back pain) to hold the toy and use it myself. The thruster is quite long and takes a long reach coupled with an awkward position for me to hold and control it successfully. I had better luck once I tried holding it in place by putting a pillow between my legs and keeping that in place with my feet. That way, the bottom of the toy is resting against the pillow and pushing against it when it thrusts. But my best hands-free experience was when Sean held the toy for me. It quickly turned me into a giggling, orgasming mess. It was extraordinarily fun.

Despite my fascination with fucking machines, and how good the Jackie thruster feels, it’s not something I find myself using as often as I expected. I’d really like to try the mini thruster, Teddy, because it has the benefit of having a suction cup base. The possibility of using it hands-free more easily would probably translate to more use. Regardless, I think it’s an amazing toy that I highly recommend for anyone interested in fucking machines or just wanting a different or hands-free experience.