Online Resources for Adult Dating And Hooking Up For Fun

Though there are times we find ourselves in desperate need of a serious relationship, there are times we discover that all we want is a hookup. Whether you are looking for casual hookups or short thrill, there are limited sites that can offer you what you need. We will give a short review of casual adult dating platforms and also list out some sex toy website where you can buy any sex equipment of your choice. Let’s get started.


2022 Adult Hookup Sites And Apps

In this section, we will be revealing the ups and downs of each casual dating site. What makes each special and the things you should look out for.

  1. Adult friend finder

The ups: Designed to be user-friendly, the site has a 5-star rating on the app store, hence a validation on the effectiveness of the app interface. Adult friend finder meets, and chat also comes with easy navigation features like tinder that allows you to navigate through the platform easily. These navigation features coupled with some other cool features allows you to do much more than searching in the stream. You can also apply advanced search filters to help find people living near you that have the same interest as yours. This way, you can join chatrooms with people that you share something common with and also play flirty games all you want.

The downs: you can download the app for free, but you will need to upgrade to a premium account to enjoy some of the features it has to offer. Although it is cheap compared to what most competitors are offering, it restricts access to some of the features that can make dating more enjoyable.

  1. Xpress

The ups: Xpress makes finding a date easy for its users by making it possible for members to know who viewed their profile. This way, they can reach out to such members if the members don’t reach out first. Dominant in the US, membership is extended to every part of the countries for global reach. By giving members the option to upload motion pictures and short videos, each member can give a clear picture of their personality before matchmaking or finding a partner.

The downs: Like adult friend finder, the site gives limited access to free users. The interface is also not too user-friendly as you might have to wait for a while before it loads.

  1. Tinder

The ups: Our list would not be complete without a mention of Tinder. Listed among the first-generation dating ground, Tinder helps to foster relationships and allows one-night stands. Also, it gives users the option to choose among many locals.

The downs: Interestingly, one of the biggest “not” factor with tinder is its strength. Since it is a common community with many users, there is a high tendency of meeting someone you know on the site. Trust me, it can be embarrassing.

  1. Grindr

The ups: this app is good with details as it shows you other members in your local area- down to the kilometers or feet between you. You can customize your profile to the last detail to help streamline the search result with the exact features you want.

The downs: you will find more gay men on Grindr. Also, there are many ads in the app that makes using cumbersome.

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Sex Toy Sites

Having examined some dating sites, let us take a look at some sites where you can buy sex toys. It is no lie that sex toy is one of the ways to explore solo pleasure. Whether you are looking for a big wand, smooth bullet vibe, or any other toys you prefer, you can get it from the sex toy websites below.

  1. Buzz pinky

This site offers a wide range of help to newbies. You get more clues on how to use a sex toy for maximum pleasure. Blogs that provide insights for beginners are also listed on the platform.


  1. Love honey

This site is like a treasure chest for vibrators. You can get a wide range of vibrators, from clitoral to bullets, G spot to remote-controlled, etc. You can also select products by material, on love honey. Love honey is the right place to go when shopping for sex toys; especially, vibrators.



We hope you’ve been able to get some new ideas from this article. Don’t feel guilty if you are not ready for a serious relationship or to commit yourself to someone. You can sign up on any of the casual dating resources above. Enjoy pleasure all day.