The perfect posture to give BJ is lying on my back that I learned from a mom teaching porn video. Lying on my back with my face dangling from the edge of the mattress – mouth extended, spacious. Arms pinned under me, or perhaps in the hold of the man whose dick is crammed very hard in my throat.

BJs are exciting, do not misunderstand me – the lively control over having a person inside your mouth is great. Trying out different amounts of stress, utilizing my arms differently, taking as much of your dick as I may. Every bit of it is great, however, none compares to the pure passive pleasure of getting screwed within the throat. If you don’t believe me then take a look at this pov HD porn video.

It is hard, and it is unpleasant, and it can make my eyes water. There is something seriously rewarding regarding a man that can make me jammed in a hot office porn sort of situation – a man that can make me feel as if I haven’t ever been handled so abysmally.

Giving a BJ is an enjoyable activity – getting throatfucked is a thing to experience. A nightmare proposed by the man – are you able to take this? Can I do that as long as I would like? Do you want to choke down on my cock till I squirt come so hard into your throat you hardly have to swallow?

Guys make much more noises while throatfucking compared to when you are giving them a BJ. They grunt, they grumble, if they are especially amazing they may often interject with ‘that is it’ or ‘oh, great girl‘.

Since I choose the guys that like the strength.

As Always, it is About Getting Used
One of my buddies loves to welcome me by pressing me to my knees the moment I enter his door. He will get me at simply the best height, press my head back so that it is braced towards the wall, then push his cock in my mouth till I’m able to experience the head pressing against the back of my throat. Till my eyes, water, and I am ogling down on my boobs. He does not even grasp my face – he utilizes his arms to gently raise his top – protecting it from the wreck he is making of me. And he will hold his dick there and keep banging, and banging, and banging till I cry, or he comes, or both.

The main reason I love throatfucking is it makes me feel as if I can be anybody. This man does not desire me – he does not believe I am awesome, or fascinating, or amusing – he simply needs someplace – anyplace – to place his cock.

It isn’t intimate, it isn’t governed – it is a pleasant, fast, great way to get off.

The Difficult Part
The difficult aspect of throatfucking is that men are usually quite good. Nobody you are banging wishes to murder you. They always begin lightly – scared that you will choke, or throw up, or become terrified and run the fuck away.

However with sufficient persistence, and sufficient time, I’m able to get a man to know that when I lean my face on the arm of the couch and truly stretch myself out, he can screw my throat as hard as he would screw my pussy. And when he appears anxious and eases up to allow me to breathe I can glance up at him with pestering, red-rimmed eyes and whine like I’m able to experience it, like I’d like him to come. Whine as though all I would like in life is to be an inactive plaything for him to screw. As though the taste of his come is the only thing which could make me satisfied at this precise time. As if I would like it more than I wish to quit choking and have the ability to breathe once again.

Since… well… it’s correct.