Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a Stranger



If having sex with a stranger doesn’t seem exciting enough for you, we have thrown in five

weird places where enjoying nude judo will become a memorable experience. No matter their weirdness, these places were selected because of their perceived nature of taboo, danger, and voyeurism. So, read on if you want to learn more!

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a Stranger

How many of you dream about having sex with a stranger? Most probably the majority. However, in real life, only a tiny percentage of women will agree to have sex with a stranger if asked directly, reported Areo Magazine. That’s why selecting weird places during a specific event or environment can spark most women’s excitement and willingness.

There’s also the taboo factor when someone engages in sexually pleasurable activities with an unknown person — the danger of the unknown, the excitement of the forbidden, and the possibilities of experiencing something new.

And what’s more fun than fucking a stranger? Fucking a stranger at one of those weird places we come across in one of those crazy porn videos!

Bumping Uglies In The Back Alley, Next To The Dumpster

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a StrangerThere are many public places to have sex, some of which can be pretty original. However, getting hot and heavy on a night out in the back alley of a club or bar wins first place.

If you wonder why people would even choose to have sex in such a place, ask yourself this question: “How many weird things have you done after a couple of drinks?”

Also, the thrill of going for drinks with friends and finding some hot stranger can be both motivating and exciting. When you make such a connection, the first instinct is to explore it to its fullest.

Many people fantasize about having sex in public because of the thrill of getting caught and the excitement of breaking a taboo. But in some cases, it can also be because of convenience. If neither of the two people can invite the other one over, why pass out the opportunity of consummating the attraction when the dumpster can be a perfect hiding spot?

At The Cemetery – Halloween Favourite Moments

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a StrangerFor all of you who love the Halloween celebration having dress-up sex in the cemetery might be next on your To Do list if you haven’t done it yet.

Thanks to the Halloween tradition of dressing up and pretending to be someone you’re not, you become more liberated from social stigmas and norms. Thus, you can enjoy the pleasurable company of a dark accounting lord or a university vampire professor in the confinement of a cemetery crypt.

Andrew Watts from the Spectator reports that since the Roman Empire, the cemeteries harbored many prostitutes and were considered a place of debauchery. It’s a place where the fear of getting caught and the excitement of the sexual encounter work together to make a memorable experience.

In modern-day, Watts explains that most people who enjoyed some sexy times in the local graveyard were mostly teenagers who wanted privacy that couldn’t be found in their homes. As we can see so far, the desire of fucking a stranger can push us to do crazy things.

The Parents’ Bed – Having Sex Or Making Babies?

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a StrangerIf we’re going to compile a list of the best weird places to have sex, the parent’s bed wins the trophy!

Of course, the parent’s bed is the largest and most probably the most comfortable surface of the whole house, but how does one not end up thinking about their conception in such an environment?

Most people will not have sex in their parents’ beds because they find it disrespectful and weird. However, few enjoy the experience of believing that they are the master of the house and the main bedroom belongs to them. It’s like playing grown-ups.

Alexander J Porter describes the idea of having sex in his parents’ bed as the holy grail of taboo places. He describes this bold action as a rebellion he wanted to accomplish in his younger years. So, the excitement is not so much connected to the physical place itself but the idea of going against the authoritative regime of the house.

At The Bleachers Of A Sports Stadium During A Game

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a StrangerThis one is considered one of the fun places to have sex. We all love sports events and know that we’re in high spirit, whether our team wins or loses. Primarily because of the amount of alcohol consumed at such events and the spirit of togetherness with the other people from the public.

You can meet many strangers at a sports event, but because of your common interest, they rarely feel like strangers. That makes the attraction between two people develop much faster than in other types of public events.

Even if this place is weird because of how public it is, it could be one of the craziest, most fun places to have sex. So, if someone bumps into you at the hot dog line and starts flirting unapologetically, don’t play hard to get and score that goal along with your winning team.


Family Holiday Dinner – Shh, Someone Will Hear Us

Top 5 Weird Places to Have Sex with a StrangerLike having sex at your parents’ bed, enjoying an orgasm with a stranger with your family around the house could be pretty weird.

Whether you’re invited to a holiday dinner at a friend’s house or meeting a stranger who’s a guest at your family’s event, you should try to stay discreet when porking at the festive dinner. However, the awkwardness of meeting that person again will remain with you forever. So, be careful with your sexual endeavors if you don’t want to be the talk of the day for every family holiday dinner.

There’s something hot about having soundless sex and knowing that you might get caught in the act. The arousal and excitement of those thoughts can make the sex much more exciting than in a standard, private environment.

As having sex can lose its excitement over time if done conventionally, changing your routine and trying some of our suggestions for the best places to have sex might liven you up. Always remember to practice protected and consensual sex, especially when approaching strangers – be it in a public place or on the bedsheets of a family member.

Sex is only enjoyable when the two parties are having fun! So, communicate, experiment, and live in the moment!