There are a good number of women today that have a vibrator near their bed for emergency reasons. Females even with sexual partners sometimes still need a vibrator to keep them satisfied or help them have a variety in their sex life. Some men get offended when they found out that their partner still uses a sex toy when they are already with them. But this should be taken as an insult directly in fact men should use it as a different way of sexual experimentation with their partner.

There is no reason as to the penis and vibrator could work together to provide ultimate pleasure to the ladies to help them have an orgasm during sex.

Different Sex Toys
There are different kinds of sex toys that a lot of couples now use to spice things up a little in the bedroom. There are some “rings” that are attached to the penis to provide a different ecstasy to women every time it enters them. Some use handcuffs to make their sex life more exciting. But the most common sex toy available is the vibrator or dildo. There are a lot of women that buy it for personal use but you as a couple can also consider buying one just for fun and for a different experience.

Perfect Position to Use Toys
So you bought all the toys and you have no clue when or where to use them, the best thing about using toys is that you don’t have to think of new moves or positions during sex. Because with the help of toys your simple missionary style will provide you with a different feeling.

You can consider wearing innocent high vibrating cock rings then do a simple missionary style on top. With the sex toy securely attach to your thing you will surely be surprised at what every move you make brings to your lady.

If you have a simple vibrator you can try out the reverse missionary with her on top of you like in these tonight’s girlfriend videos. Have your partner sit on top while you use a vibrator on them. She will have control over when and just how much she wants to enjoy the vibrator and you have the front set to enjoy her reaction.

Doggie style is an exciting position on its own and if you try and use an sex toy to add much pleasure then imagine how great that would feel. Use the vibrator on your partner and let her work her way to reach her climax.

Once you get good at it there will be endless possibilities that you and your partner can do every time you both are up to a different kind of team skeet adventure. You will be able to maintain your active sex life and you can continue to surprise each other with a different kind of pleasure every time you do it. All couple needs to be able to maintain the same kind of excitement they have as they first did have sex up until now to make things fun.