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King of Kinks is a squad role-playing game based around auto 5v5 battles. Spending time & sources in your squad of stunning females will certainly obtain you kingly (and also kinky) rewards.

Beginning your experience as well as accumulate your harem to fit your hottest fantasies!


The Kingdom of Clouds, an empire that is dominated by lethal yet stunning females. The long years of inequality and also unfairness to men were not conveniently tolerated, leading to a disobedience. Your daddy, the Rebel King, began the rebellion to quit this turmoil and topple the relentless charms. Regrettably, he was executed in the midst of fight. Being the only boy of the Rebel King, you currently dedicate your life to continuing your papa's spirit. Gather your allies as well as lead the rebellion to bring down the brutal empire!


King of Kinks is the current quick rate dream RPG that will have you coming back for more.

With an excellent equilibrium of relaxing gameplay and strategy-based squad building, you'll be getting the finest of both globes.

King of Kinks sets you out on a mission to recover the throne of the Kingdom of Clouds while recruiting every single unflinching elegance that discovers your method this expansive fantasy world. You will certainly have your pick of hotties, from worthy kink queens to thirsty temptresses. You might likewise come across vicious appeals, ready to draw you completely dry - whether in a great or naughty method, that's all up to you.

Even much better, the variety of the inhabitants likewise equates to the Hscenes: you will not simply be updating your ladies to get access to a scene, you'll be chatting with them and exploring the filthiest proclivities this actors of stunners needs to offer.

Past the sex, King of Kinks is also a compelling and interesting RPG. The vehicle quick-speed battle and also calculated components function to give gamers the best experience on the marketplace. For incentive points, benefits work on an AFK basis: play the video game, go do your thing, come back and gather the incentives that accumulated while you were offline.

With different video game settings, minimal occasions, and the great ol shot in the dark in the Gacha, you'll be ready to take control of the kingdom quickly.

No twist reproaching right here - live and also sign up with the experience out your wildest fantasies!

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Key Functions

Build and also join this amazing adventure up your team of hotties! Heroes will fight for you automatically, you can accumulate offline incentives simply by touching the AFK breast when you log in following.

- Unlimited stages! Progress with the project, see just how far you can go, and also climb the top of the rankings. Checking out the islands will additionally grant you special incentives!

Automated and double-speed battles allow you to enjoy this game with just a few faucets! Figure out the best combos & skills and also get on your own an irresistible squad.

- Strategy based teams! Progress your heroes to unlock bonds to strengthen your squad!

- Hotter than heck H content! Meet over 40 elegances and also have kinky sex with each and also every one of them! Mobilize hot women and also progress them to unlock their uncensored H-scenes! Several computer animated sex scenes are available throughout the story, with interactive and also special H-scenes appearing during time-limited events. Unlocked scenes can be located in the cd after the conclusion of an occasion.

Get zesty private messages from the women you meet throughout your experience! Multiple computer animated sex scenes as well as side tales available depending on the video game progression as well as time-limited events.

- Attract goddesses! Unlock and level up sirens and they will certainly assist you in your battles! By seducing goddesses you can increase their Affection and also unlock 3 video clips for every of them. And also, they are effective allies that will aid you get over the difficult stages.

- Routine circus and also events! Events are held every month at normal periods, giving you the perfect possibility to exchange occasion products to acquire personality pieces and uncommon products.

King of Kinks is a squad role-playing video game based around auto 5v5 fights. Power up your women as well as develop up your irresistible team! Investing time & sources in your team of lovely ladies will certainly get you kingly (and also kinky) rewards.

Figure out the perfect combination & skills as well as obtain yourself an irresistible squad.

Develop your heroes to unlock bonds to reinforce your squad!