UNITIA X review


UNITIA X Site Review

Eventually, 2 seperate globes collided, and the Cross World was born.

The Gamer, Ruine and also Makhia, that all live in the new world, find themselves cornered by unknown adversaries.

They are conserved by a woman called Terra, who is able to make use of the enigmatic power called "Oracle".

The Rainbow Survey Group establishes off on a journey to introduce the secrets of the world!

Key Attributes

■ Charming Pictures

Quality images of characters, background and items!

Enjoy in the wonderful world of UNITIA!

■ Participate In Real-time Battles with clever approaches and also stunning abilities!

See the magnificent skill animations that heighten the battle!

Use the book feature to launch your skills at the appropriate time.

With the assistance of "Oracle Assit" from the mysterious girl Terra, you can take complete benefit of the fight progression as well as choose the outcome!

■ Improve personalities to climb to the top!

All characters can be evolved to 7 Stars!

Establish your favorite personalities to overrule competitors and also effective adversaries!