Men in particular, experience a lot of anxiety about their bedroom performance which can lead to a lack of confidence during sex and impact upon an otherwise healthy, happy sex life. With this in mind, I wanted to explain about a tried and tested edging techniques for men that anyone can practice to help them gain better control over their orgasm and improve stamina during sex. This technique is also called the ‘start and stop method’.

What is edging?

EDGING TECHNIQUES FOR MENEdging is a technique in which a person stops themselves from reaching climax just before they reach the highest peak of pleasure. This technique has been a trusted technique for assisting people who are struggling with premature ejaculation. In short, this involves stopping stimulation before you orgasm, waiting for a few seconds and starting again. Continue, stopping and starting until you feel ready to orgasm. This technique is effective for both men and women.

The benefits of edging?

Experimenting with new bedroom techniques, positions and sensations is essential for continuing to develop a healthy and varied sex life. Even during masturbation, exploring new sexual ventures is the perfect way to keep things fresh and exciting. Edging techniques help you to listen to your body and experiment with different ways to help intensify orgasm and improve bedroom stamina.

For example:

Improved physical arousal

There are four different stages to arousal – Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution. Exploring the four stages of arousal will help you understand more about the first two stages of arousal, so they last longer and can extend your sexual pleasure.

Improved confidence in the bedroom

As you begin to master the edging technique, you will begin to feel more in control of your own body. For those using edging techniques with a partner, the ability to last longer can help to satisfy the most insatiable partner, whilst holding back also enables couples to orgasm together. This helps to increase intimacy and can create a more fulfilling experience.

Learning to control ejaculation

Some men or women can orgasm prematurely, which may leave them feeling unfulfilled or embarrassed. As many as 1 in 5 men will experience premature ejaculation at some point within their lifetimes, which can damage confidence in the bedroom and impact on personal relationships. Developing edging techniques are a natural way to last longer during sex without seeking professional help.

Edging is great for teasing

Lots of people enjoy watching their partner orgasm. Practising orgasm delaying techniques can help to spice things up in the bedroom and keep your lover guessing.


How to practise the edging technique?

Because you need to focus on your own physical sensations, I advise practising edging during masturbation so you can concentrate on the task in hand. This means that you will need allocate some time when you know that you won’t be disturbed.

  1. Start by setting the scene and use your normal methods to arouse yourself.
  2. Begin masturbation. But instead of using a firm grip, be gentler so that you can build up to a climax slowly whilst focusing on recognising when you’re about to come.
  3. As soon as you feel that you are about to climax, stop what you are doing and take a short break until the urge to orgasm has gone. For those who are just beginning to practise this technique, it is better to pause too early than too late. You can always explore boundaries later when your experience grows.
  4. Begin masturbation again and repeat the process. Do this several times until you are ready to climax. Once you have orgasmed, make a mental note of the way that it made you feel. Was orgasm longer or more enjoyable?

Edging is a personal experience and the length of time that you choose to practice this technique will differ from person to person. Do what feels good and make the most of the experience. If you accidentally go too far and orgasm before you wanted to, try not to worry and put it down to experience. It certainly isn’t the worst accident to have!

How to use male sex toys for edging

There are lots of sex toys for men that can really help to improve edging. Stokers, Blow job Machines and Sex Dolls are all effective methods of stimulation that enable the user to masturbate, and reduce stimulation when necessary. Lots of vibrating sex toys offer multi-speed vibration which can be reduced in intensity when you feel yourself reaching the peak, whilst handheld sex toys enable the user to control the firmness of pressure and the speed of stroke.

It is important to remember that in order to get the best results with male sex toy, always use lots of lubricant and clean the product properly after each use to remove any build up of bacteria.

Risks of edging

Whilst there are no actual risks to practising the edging technique. Some beginners have reported that they have experienced a ‘disappearing orgasm’ or a ‘half orgasm’. These can feel unfulfilling and like you have ‘missed’ the climax. If this is the case, it may be that you are stopping too early. With some patience and a little more practice, you will master the technique.