Mr Skin is one of the oldest celebrity sites on the net. What makes Mr Skin better than the other celeb sites is the amount of content. With over 20,000 sexy actresses featured on Mr. Skin, you can find pretty much every female movie star in here and with daily updates, new girls and scenes are added all the time.

Mr. Skin ReviewThe site is filled with information both concerning the nude scenes and the celebs and movies themselves. There’s also a lot of articles. The site has information about a lot more movies containing nudity which they promise to provide clips for in the near future. Mr Skin has also added some celebrity sex tape scenes, many of which they proclaim to provide exclusively. There is also a large picture archive but most of the images are vidcaps.

The majority of the clips are offered close to their best-available format (640×360 for DVD movies, 1280×720 for clips sourced from high definition (Blu-ray) releases). All videos can be streamed or downloaded.

The search function is a great feature at the site. You can search by actress or movie, and there is an extraordinary variety of criteria, including nudity level (actress or movie), body type, ethnicity, hair colour, breast size and many more. Browsing features are very good too.

If you like the idea of ‘value added’ inside a celeb site, Mr Skin is the place to be. This is the professional, glossy mag kind of nude celeb site, and it’s a formula that is working very nicely. Even when you’re here only for the clips, you’ll not be disappointed, especially because the site updates with about ten new clips every single day.

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