Sex Around The World: Who Has The Best Sex?

Let’s take a look at sex around the world.

Like it or not, the culture we’re from has a lot to do with our level of sexual satisfaction. So, of course, sex around the world looks different for everyone.

Societal attitudes have a lot of influence over our lives, even going so far to affect what goes on between the sheets.

Sex is such an integral part of being human that numerous researchers have spent entire careers studying sexual mores throughout the world.

Thanks to their research, we have rankings for just about everything related to the hanky-panky in practically every country.

The findings from different studies are always fun to go through because they help determine if cultural stereotypes regarding sex hold true.

It also helps answer how a culture’s attitude towards sex determines the rate of satisfaction among its citizens.

There’s a lot to unpack in some of these studies. But just for fun, here’s a short breakdown of what sex around the world looks like.

Countries with the most satisfying sex lives [i]

Sex Around The World: Who Has The Best Sex?The list of countries with the best sex lives may come at no surprise to anyone. However, what did surprise us was that the notoriously vivacious French did not make this list!

Switzerland: This nation may be traditionally neutral on the world stage, but when it comes to sex, Switzerland is anything but conventional. From its progressive laws regarding sex workers, licensed brothels, pornography, and sex ed, the Swiss have it made when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

Spain: The Spanish are known for their warm, exuberant personalities and colorful culture. It’s probably no surprise that they are also one of the top countries with the most sexually satisfied citizens. From nude beaches to widely accepted stances on gay marriage, it’s no surprise that Spaniards love getting it on. 90% of men (and women!) report that they enjoy highly satisfying sex lives.

Italy: The only thing better than the food and wine is the sex, according to 64% of Italians.

Brazil: You don’t get a bikini wax named after your country for nothing. Brazilian men are considered some of the best lovers in the world, which is enough to keep the women plenty satisfied in bed. It’s estimated that the majority of the country has sex an average of three times a week. Save some for the rest of us, Brazil!

Greece: No listicle about sex around the world would be complete without mentioning Greece. Sex has been an integral part of Greek culture since ancient times, and luckily for them, not a lot has changed.

Greeks have no problem talking about sex with their friends, coworkers, or partners. Since communication is one of the number one factors when determining sexual satisfaction, Greeks have no problem letting their partners know what they want in the bedroom.

Countries having the least amount of sex [ii]

Sex Around The World: Who Has The Best Sex?If you look at the rankings for sex around the world and see which countries fuck the least, you may be surprised to see some of the names on the list. We were!

Thailand: For a country notorious for its sex tourism, Thai people actually have sex less than any other country in the world. Granted, this could be due to under-reporting, but even so, 65% of the country claims to have sex every week.

New Zealand: Trailing close behind Thailand is New Zealand, with a reported 63% of the country getting it on weekly and an even smaller 43% claiming to have a satisfying sex life.

Canada: 48% of the US’s kindly northern neighbors enjoy a satisfying sex life, which may be why Canada has one of the lowest percentages of weekly sex in the world (59%).

The UK: Apparently, tea isn’t an aphrodisiac, because 55% of those who live in the UK have sex during the week. Not only that, but just 40% report they’re satisfied with what they get.

USA: Americans are quickly dropping in rank, from education to sex. 53% of the country has sex every week, and 48% feel satisfied with it. For a country that’s supposed to be #1, the US isn’t looking like the top dog anymore.

Countries with the biggest orgasm gap [iii]

Sex Around The World: Who Has The Best Sex?Nigeria has one of the worst rates of sexual satisfaction in the world, so it probably comes to no surprise that it also has one of the broadest orgasm gaps. However, researchers think this could be due to skewed numbers during in-person interviews.

Besides Nigeria, other contenders for the most significant difference in the number of orgasms for males and females include Russia and Thailand.

As for countries touting the most equality when it comes to ensuring both partners get theirs during sexual encounters, Singapore, China, and Mexico all come out on top.