3 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Hurting Your Sex Life

Your Diet, Your Dick, and You

In last week’s post, we compared the cost of buying a sex doll and dating. At the end of the article, we briefly touched on how buying a doll has several benefits.

First, using a sex doll takes your mind off wondering about the next time you’ll have sex again. This, in turn, allows you to connect with your date and focus on finding love and a compatible partner.

The second advantage of using a sex doll is better performance in the bedroom. Users have reported feeling more confident and comfortable with a real partner after using a sex doll for some time. Plus, having a love doll is a great tool to train yourself to last longer in bed.

Becoming a better lover and partner requires training, just like anything else. Fortunately, the kind of training that goes into building your self-confidence in bed is a lot more fun than, say, training for a marathon.

But using a sex doll to practice your sexual prowess can only take you so far, just like working out can only yield so many results no matter how hard you train.

A large part of the situation that many people not realize or hesitate to acknowledge is the significant role that diet plays in sexual health and well-being.

ED and Diet

If you happen to have ED or low levels of testosterone, you are one of about 30 million American men who deal with it at least once in their lives. There are many ways to help with this, which you can read in this in-depth post about ED.

However, your diet could also play a role in your condition. In 2017, researchers studied the relationship between the popular Western, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and paleolithic diets and ED.

You may think this is old news, but the study supported the theory that diet does affect testosterone. Researchers found that men who stuck with the Western diet had lower testosterone levels than men who didn’t. [i]

The Western diet consists of eating high amounts of processed red meat, dairy, refined grains, and processed and artificial sweets. Very few whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and fish are consumed in this diet. [ii]

For men who stuck with the Mediterranean diet, or ate foods similar to it, their ED seemed to improve or diminish. Fish, healthy fats from olive oil, fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, and whole grains were linked to improved overall health, including higher testosterone. [iii]

Your Heart Wants Love, Too

3 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Hurting Your Sex LifeAnother contributing factor to low testosterone or ED is clogged arteries.

When your heart pumps blood through your body, it passes through your arteries to get where it needs to go. When it’s time to have an erection, the arteries widen or dilate, sending blood on its way and getting you ready for sex. [iv]

Sorry for the elementary school lesson, but this is important. You don’t have to have a complete blockage in your veins for blood flow to your penis to stall. Even a narrow blood vessel can cause you to have difficulty getting or staying hard. [v]

One way to get these vessels clear and help your heart circulate your blood better is improving what you eat.

Unhealthy fats and sugar can make the issue worse. Opting to eat heart-healthy options like those found in the Mediterranean diet can do wonders for your body. Your heart loves healthy fats and Omega-3s, like those found in fish and nuts.

So when thinking about sex and diet, it isn’t just about your penis. Your heart has a lot to say in the matter, too.

Your Body is a Beautiful, Sexy Machine

You don’t have to be overweight to feel the effects of a poor diet on your sexual health. You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” and there is a level of truth to it.

There’s a reason why fruits and vegetables (especially the green, leafy kind) and whole grains are hyped up all the time. Because they really can do so much to help your body run like the wonderous machine it is.

When you do decide to incorporate eating well into your sexual training regimen, seek a balance in the type of food you consume.

You don’t have to follow a name-brand fad diet to see improvements in your sex life. It’s a matter of fueling your body with more natural, less processed foods. Fad diets make you feel limited in what you can eat.

For instance, our bodies freaking love healthy fats. Fish and nuts can help you feel fuller longer while giving your body lots of natural energy.

I could go into a whole discussion on how damaging the no-fat diet is, and how it is a conspiracy by sugar companies, but I won’t. You just need to know that it is okay to eat fat…the right kind, that is.

If you do want to work on yourself and become a better lover, then you’ll consider eating the kind of food someone training at the gym would eat.

It can be challenging to change the way you eat. We’ve all been there, and it’s not always easy. But even gradual changes can do you good. You’ll feel better about yourself, and your partner will notice, too.

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger

So, to conclude: what you eat plays a large part in your sex drive, endurance, and ability to perform.

If you have a sex doll, you may be training to last longer, but you need to consider other factors. Just as an athlete must eat well to unlock his full potential, so should you.

Avoid eating meals focused on red meat and stay away from bad fats, sugar, and processed grains. Go ham on fish, whole grains, fruits, and especially vegetables.

A word of advice next time you’re grocery shopping: avoid food in the aisles and stick to the peripheries. Most processed foods that aren’t all that great for you are located in the center of the grocery store, whereas fresher, healthier eats are on the edges.

You are a wonderful person, and your dedication to becoming a better lover and partner is admirable. Your efforts will be noticed–and very much appreciated.