Sex Dolls Vs. Dating: What You Need To Know

Dolls or Dating?

As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time on various forums for sex dolls. One of the most frequent comments I see is about the cost of dating versus buying a doll. This question can lead itself to an in-depth discussion about morals, sex, and dating’s purpose; I’m not addressing that.

I’ve heard a lot of comments on different websites saying that dating is just legal prostitution. A man spends money on a date, and the woman sleeps with him. Some view it as prostitution with more steps.

I don’t agree with this sentiment. I think it’s sexist and kind of backward to think like that. But I know that after a while, the money spent on dating does add up. I can see how going on several failed dates and not having sex is frustrating.

For now, I’m only here to do some factual comparisons between the cost of buying a sex doll and dating. In this article, I use the term “dating” as a broad umbrella term. I use it to mean the act of spending money on a date in the hope of pursuing something more.

So, to find out if sex dolls are cheaper than dating, I did a little searching. Keep reading, and we’ll both find the answer.

The Three-Date Rule is No More

Sex Dolls Vs. Dating: What You Need To KnowI feel like a common rule of dating that is slowly becoming more uncommon is the three-date rule. In the age of dating apps, this rule is growing increasingly irrelevant. You could either get laid on the first date or the 10th.

According to a 2017 study conducted by the New York Post, the new number is eight, with men ready to have sex as early as date five and women as late as the ninth date.

So, with the number eight in mind, we will use that as a base to start with.

How much does the average date cost?

More people than ever are dating, and the cost of a night out is rising right along with it. Inflation is mostly to blame, although dating is also becoming a business that many companies are trying to get a cut of.

In 1999, movie tickets cost about $5. Now, many sell for as much as $10+. Additionally, a bottle of wine has risen from $5 to $12. While these prices vary from state to state, it’s still aggravating to think that prices have doubled when wages have remained relatively stagnant.

According to USA Today, the average cost of a single date (two dinners, a bottle of wine, two movie tickets) can be as much as $100. Hopefully, not every date is going to run this much, as a date could easily be a walk in the park or a coffee shop meetup. Even so, that is a staggeringly high price for something that may not end in a kiss at the end of the night.

I’m not implying that because a man spends that much on a date, the woman owes him anything. I wholeheartedly am on the side where consent is needed from both parties. But if a man is trying to find a sexual partner, I can see how dating can get very expensive very quickly.

Average Price of Sex Dolls

The average price of a sex doll is $1,500. This feels like a steep price to pay up front

Usually, customers pay an average of $60 per month–cheaper than a single date and a guarantee that you’ll be able to satisfy your sexual needs.

Using Klarna to buy a doll makes it easier for you to have the best of both worlds: you’ll get your sex doll and still have some spending room to go out and meet people. Plus, knowing you have a sex doll at home means you don’t have to rely on your date going well to have sex.  It’ll take the pressure off of you to worry less about how the night will end and focus more on being in the moment and getting to know the woman you’re seeing.

Let’s do some quick math:

Let’s say you go on one $100 date per weekend (just to use the average statistic). Keeping the 8-date “rule” in mind, that’s $800 over the course of two months, assuming you go on a date with the same woman every weekend. That’s already half the price of the average sex doll.

If you keep having to start over with a new person, this number could become even higher. Yikes!

Bottom Line

Sex Dolls Vs. Dating: What You Need To KnowOrdering a sex doll from Earth Erotic is cheaper than going on multiple dates per month. However, I understand that not every date involves wine and a full-course meal so depending on what your dating style is, a sex doll could cost more.

Having a sex doll is ideal because it allows you to meet and pursue women you really like rather than looking for the first opportunity to have sex while dating.

Once you have a doll for sex, you can focus on falling in love and making a connection with someone you are compatible with. If you’re going to spend $100 on a meal, do it for a woman you feel is worth it, rather than doing it because you might get laid.

Then, after that expensive date, you can show her how confident you are in bed (which will really impress her). She’ll feel your confidence and want to explore. You can read more about how you can train for sex as you train at the gym.

If you don’t train your body and mind, you won’t be able to perform when the time comes. I don’t mean the kind of performance that comes when preparing to run a marathon you don’t want to run. I mean having the confidence in yourself that will last. You can focus on kisses and creating a stronger emotional and mental bond without worrying about your sexual insecurities.

So there you have it, the question of whether it’s better to go with dolls or dating. Leave your thoughts below; I’d love to hear what you think about this!